GDPR… So what happened?

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There has been much focus on GDPR lately and how that will affect the way we work. Our upbeat team also started thinking about how personal data and customer data is processed in general. It then struck them that with all the database cleaning and new opt-in procedures, there might be some benefits to GDPR besides having to click YES to cookies on every single website we visit.

The team discussed this and have come up with some of the benefits they have personally noticed.

1. Increased engagement

We could quite possibly become more engaged with the organisations we opt in to. Personally I am reading the emails more often and spending more time in each of them because there are not as many as before.

It could be a result of the content getting better or proactively choosing to receive specific content, but the emails I’ve chosen to continue to receive have become more interesting.

2. Better content

The onus is now on organisations to create meaningful content. Potentially this could result in content becoming more useful, more appealing, more likeable. In turn, as a marketer I understand that my content must be useful, valuable, and engaging if I want to keep communicating with my audience. The focus has changed from quantity of recipients to quality of content.

3. Less mail

I’m now receiving less emails – yay! And now my database is clean, I’m also sending less emails. If you pay on a per record basis, this means cost savings.

4. More accurate data

Less hard bounces are always a good thing! In addition, you can now be certain only people who have actively selected to receive your communication are receiving it, meaning your stats will improve too. Increased open and click rates are a really positive outcome, even if the list size has reduced.

5. More targeted content

If in the past you bulk mailed segments of your database content but were unsure of how you first received the data, the transparency rules surrounding GDPR could mean that the profiles you build are now more accurate and more complete than before. Previously, people relied upon soft opt-ins or data from disparate sources which was segmented according to an estimate of the demographic. Now your list will be more personal as you share the information you hold on your audience with them, and they actively update it due to their interest in your organisation.

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